Luminosity II
Luminosity II

Luminosity II

Mad Honey

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From the Burst collection. 40" x 40" x 1.5”. Acrylic on raised panel by Wendy Pabich. 

These paired paintings--Luminosity I and Luminosity II--are an exploration of occlusion and negative space. I started by pulling a rich, transparent, jewel-tone palette across the canvas in a squeegee-like motion, draping the entire panel. For reasons I can’t explain, with a china marker, I began drawing a series of orbs, of varying shapes and sizes, the position of each determined by an innate sense of balance and composition. Only then did I use the opaque cream color to occlude parts of the translucent field in an optical transfiguration: foreground became background; translucence became opaque; objects sharpened and popped. These luminous pieces--clustered with jewel-like objects--seem to glow from within.