Goldbug II
Goldbug II

Goldbug II

Mad Honey

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From the Mindfulness collection. 14" x 14" x 1.5”. Acrylic on raised panel by Wendy Pabich. 

Enroute home from Burning Man, my partner and I climbed two miles up a steep narrow ravine in the Lemhi Range of Idaho to find a high desert hot spring oasis--Goldbug--a chain of a half dozen magical hot pools, draped amongst rocks, waterfalls, and lush ferns and mosses. We had been there a number of times, but this time we chose to submerge ourselves in a lower, cooler pool--one that approximated body temperature--close our eyes, and settle in to what felt like a session in a sensory deprivation chamber. As if held in mother earth's womb, I floated, still, for some 40 minutes. Quiet. At peace. My mind settled, devoid of the usual Monkey Mind. And, then, a sole thought floated in--"I only want to paint intuitive paintings". "No more analytical anything." 

Shortly after this experience I embarked on this series of intuitive paintings. Each one began a mystery and slowly emerged as I slathered, and then scraped, layer upon layer of paint, added discrete lines and shapes here and there, balanced color with marks and strokes, the whole process guided by an unseen energy, a force seemingly telling me where to go next.

A Wendy Pabich original painting. Acrylic and oil pastel on raised panel. From the Mindfulness collection. 16" x 16" x 1.5”.