Our Story

The towering cliffs of the Himalaya hold a sense of mysticism—a seeming border between the material and spiritual realms. High in these cliffs, a giant honeybee thrives by turning the pollen of gorgeous, but deadly, rhododendrons into a deep red honey that is both medicinal and hallucinogenic. This mad honey is coveted by Nepalese honey hunters who scale soaring heights and dangle from 300 foot bamboo ladders to gather the nectar. Our name—Mad Honey—is inspired by the story of this epic journey for the sweet elixir. We are here to celebrate joy, creativity, and bold, soulful living.

Our apparel designs are intended for bold women living vibrantly—Mad Honeys who honor their feminine powers, take risks, work hard, love deeply, stay mindful, open to possibility, see the world. Our eye-catching, soulful artworks and items for body and home serve as everyday reminders that it’s all about the journey. 



Within the unknown lies possibility. Take me there.

Wendy Pabich is an empress of adventure, guided by passion and awe on a journey of self-exploration and expression, worldly voyages, and community service. As a water lover, she has led graduate students to the wilds of Patagonia to help protect some of the world’s greatest unfettered rivers, and applied her science and policy skills to making her local world a better place. She has taught wilderness skills and sustainability in the Himalaya, floated icy rivers in Alaska, navigated the length of the Grand Canyon, skied endless powder glades, and been helicoptered out of the Northern Ice Fields of Patagonia in the wake of a geologic-scale glacial lake outburst flood. Wendy has been practicing yoga for decades and recently trained as a yoga teacher in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She finds making art a magical vehicle for full expression, integration, and connection, and continues to push her creative boundaries with ever-more bold use of color and form. Her art is full of energy, love, and reverence for beauty.