Water III
Water III

Water III

Mad Honey

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From the Water collection. 40" x 40" x 1.5”. Acrylic, charcoal, and pumice on hand-stretched gallery-wrapped canvas by Wendy Pabich. 

Be Like Water. Water, for its beauty, intrinsic properties, and mystical powers, remains for me a source of endless inspiration, stories, and life lessons. The paintings in this series are both an exploration of science through art, and expressions of reverence for our life-giving waters. By layering acrylic paint, pumice, plaster, and various mediums, I seek to emulate earth patterns, where form and function are intertwined. My mixtures on canvas create organic images that speak of weathering, dripping water, tangled reeds--providing a continuous reminder of the complexity and wonder of the natural world.

"Water symbolizes the whole of potentiality: it is fons et origo, the source of all possible existence.. . . Principle of what is formless and potential, basis of every cosmic manifestation, container of all seeds, water symbolizes the primal substance from which all forms come and to which they will return either by their own regression or in a cataclysm.

~Mircea Eliade