Artist Wendy Pabich of Mad Honey Studio.

I'm glad you've stopped by. I’m Wendy Pabich and I am the founder and artist behind Mad Honey Studio, where I’m offering up my original fine art and apparel. I am an artist, scientist, explorer, environmentalist, yogini, and author, and I believe in living your passions. I also know in my heart that women hold deep powers of transformation. I’m dedicated to embracing transformative experiences in my own life and helping catalyze them for others. Our world needs a seismic shift towards compassion, empathy, and love for all—all peoples, all living creatures, all beauty. My artwork is a celebration of all that is big and bold and happy, and is inspired by a deep connection to nature, an active spiritual practice, and a love of boundary-expanding adventures of the mind, body, and soul. Creating beauty is my way of sending compassion, empathy, and love out to the world.

I’m embarking on a new journey—with this blog, my Mad Honey Studio business, and some time on the road—and hope to share my stories. My goal is to inspire you to get out into the great world, embrace your passions, and live and love big and bold. And, let’s be real—life is amazing and beautiful and compelling, and at the same time, difficult and complicated and messy. I intend to share both the juicy, sweet parts and some of the more challenging vulnerabilities that come along with living a heart-centered life. 

My personal journey—while meandering—has continually flowed in the direction of my heart. This has shown up as movement from head to heart, intellect to spirit, mind to body. The focus of my water work has migrated from highly analytical problem-solving to a more inclusive approach incorporating our spiritual connection to water. My dedication to movement, adventure, and athleticism has been enriched by my yoga practice, allowing me to cultivate a deeper connection to my body’s wisdom and a greater ability to root down and stand tall in my own truth. Today, my personal relationships are more explicitly about deep, conscious connection and love than anything else. Somewhere along the way, a quote by Anaïs Nin, “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom,” became my personal mantra.

All of this has been reflected in my artwork—both in process and outcome. In my studio, I seek to create a nourishing environment—with lots of sunlight, music, good food, and a sleeping dog at my feet, use rituals like meditation, visioning, and movement to connect with my intuition, and employ various direct artistic techniques including rough tools, course mediums, or ways of painting that push me away from control and towards creative opening. These practices helps me tap into a more intuitive place, find flow, and pour it onto canvas to create bold, colorful, contemporary acrylic and mixed media paintings. I invite you to connect with me on this journey and to check out my paintings, trucker hats, leggings, beanies, and other products inspired by the beauty and energy of the natural world.

With love and gratitude,