Mad Honeys Taking the World by Storm: An Interview with Julie Glusker, Director of Athlete Career and Education (ACE) at U.S. Ski & Snowboard

Julie Glusker

Julie Glusker

“Empathy, caring, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, and gratitude are the greatest superpowers.”

Julie possesses a sense of grace and warmth that’s hard to miss. She’s not just whip smart and accomplished, but she’s the kind of friend I can’t live without!  She’s been there for it all—and I mean, it all. No matter what’s going on in my life or hers, we’ve been able to raise each other up with long runs, fast turns, late night chats about deep sh*t, and the kind of laughter that makes your ribs hurt.

And she’s an inspirational badass. She’s currently the Director of Athlete Career and Education (ACE) for U.S. Ski & Snowboard in Park City, Utah—but before that she was my college roommate who’s helped me through heartache and celebrated victories big and small.

I’m happy to share a little about what makes this Mad Honey so magical.

Carving a Path.

Julie has always lived big. Her energy seems endless, and her joy is infectious. A couple weeks ago I asked her to pinpoint what it is that compels her toward adventure, and provides her with a sense of purpose. She spoke about being shaped as a child growing up in the Bay Area, playing and swimming along the shores of the Pacific climbing, swinging in California oak trees, picking wild blackberries along hilly paths, and hiking and skiing in the Sierras. Today, she embraces that wild sense of adventure on the trails and steep slopes of the Wasatch Mountains, reveling in the epic beauty of nearby national parks.

She also shared that she has been greatly inspired by amazing teachers and coaches along the way. Becoming a teacher and coach in her early 20’s was a decision that came from the heart.

          “I vividly remember distinct, impactful conversations and experiences with several teachers, professors, and coaches who influenced my life choices. Although being an educator has not always been the easiest route financially, sharing my passion for English literature, reading and writing, coaching, and various sports has made my heart, head, and body happy and my days and professional and personal relationships purposeful.” 

Mad Honeys on the Hill

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Purpose and Passion.

          “Teamwork is not a mechanical, transactional, hierarchical process. Teamwork is the very human (and humane) dynamic of creative, intuitive, caring, respectful, trusting, and accountable collaboration among a group of individuals striving to reach a shared goal.”

Julie’s love of a good challenge has fueled her to pursue personal excellence, and to help others realize their greatest potential. In her work as the Director of Athlete Career and Education for U.S. Ski & Snowboard, she fills her days advising and mentoring elite national team athletes on sport, school, and social pursuits, with her overarching goal of supporting whole athletes in their full range of individual capacities. She applies a similar philosophy to the high school students she coaches through her Aptitude Academics business in Park City.

          “My greatest professional purpose is to be an elite athlete advocate, advisor, and mentor…My greatest personal purpose is to be a caring, thoughtful, and supportive mom, wife, sister, and friend, ignited by my passion to make a positive difference in the lives of those I love and serve. I believe in the power and purpose of community and communication and the importance of learning for transformative and character-building experiences. I want to inspire athletes and students to reach their potential, realize their goals, and inspire their communities.

Along with bringing heart to her role as an educator, Julie feeds her soul by biking, running, climbing, swimming, skiing, surfing, camping, hiking, playing, observing, and thinking in the great outdoors with friends and family. She also takes care of herself by reading and writing, volunteering for and supporting causes that build community and help those in need, and listening to music.


We talked of superpowers. While Julie has many, she offered that her greatest strengths shine through as a giver, a learner, a connector, a coach, and a team player.

In all these roles, Julie brings great empathy, caring, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, and gratitude. As her friend, I will attest that Julie brings these capacities to all she does and touches people in profound ways!

Words of Wisdom.

I asked Julie what advice she might provide her younger self or other women looking to make a difference in the world. She offered the following words:

          “Actively practice courage, spontaneity, and adventure; embrace and foster kindness, inclusion, sensitivity and emotional awareness; continually learn new subjects and skills; and nurture and curate deep and genuine relationships and friendships. All of these traits and philosophies can make daily interactions and communication richer and more meaningful (even if occasionally more challenging).” 

Favorite Organizations.

Some of Julie’s favorites in the realm of empowering girls and women include:

Womens Sports Foundation


Fast & Female

Girls on the Run

Girl Up

Something Julie Won't Tell You About Herself.

Julie is an incredible—and stageworthy—vocalist; yet, only so often will you be lucky enough to hear her sing.   


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